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Texas Oak

18" Texas Oak Vented Natural Gas Log Set

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You can obtain more information about the 18" Texas Oak Vented Natural Gas Log Set from the Gas Grill Warehouse store by Email gasgrillwh@aol.com or call (281)894-8878.
18" Texas Oak Vented Natural Gas Log Setis just one of the many outdoor Kitchen Products available on the Gas Grill Warehouse web site.

The Texas Oak log set provides the perfect combination of large and small scale logs for a natural, rugged style.  The set utilizes American Gas Log’s single sand pan burner, and includes glowing embers and decorative rock.  (Shown with optional pine cone accessory)

Each set comes with the following:
  • Grate to match the size and height of the log set
  • Ember material (provides the warm glowing feeling)
  • Burner pan and sand material to distribute the flames
  • Connections and tubing to install the set
  • Instructions on how to install
  • Damper clamp
  • Decorative rock for a finished look

1. Measure the fireplace from left to right in the front

2. Measure from left to right in the back

3. Measure from front to back

4. Measure from top to bottom

5. Which side does your gas feed from? left or right

  • Take the first two measurements # 1 & 2 and add them together.
  • Now divide the product of those two numbers by 2
  • now subtract 6 from the result above this will be the size of log set that is correct for your fireplace.

Example:  #1 = 46 inches , #2 = 20 inches so 46 + 23 = 66. Now divide 66 by 2 and your result is 33 Now subtract 6 from 33 = 27.   The proper size set for your fireplace would be a 24 inch set.

Sets come in sizes of 18", 24", and 30" not all log set styles are available in all sizes.