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Wednesday, March 11, 2020
by James Savage
When buying new or replacing your existing natural gas log sets, you need to know the proper size set to fit your fireplace.  Below are the simple instructions on how to obtain the correct sizing.  

1&2.  Measure the fireplace from left to right in the front (#1), Then measure from left to right in the back of the fireplace (#2)
3.  Take the two measurements and add them together #1 + #2=, Now divide the result of (#3) by 2, this will give you the width of your fireplace in the middle. Now subtract 6 from the result obtained after dividing #3 by 2.  The result will be the proper size log set for your size fireplace.
4. If concerned about the height, measure from the bottom to top of the opening.
5. The number 5 represents the location of your gas feed into the fireplace. Make a note of which side the feed is located right or left as facing the fireplace.


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