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$239.00 $229.00
Stainless Steel, Bull

The Bull Premium Stereo Sound Package has two upgraded high fidelity outdoor speakers. You can play great music while enjoying your outdoor kitchen.


$420.00 $340.00
18", Best Fire, Vented, American gas Logs - Best Fire

The Eastern Vine is a large, full set that is highlighted by split logs and authentic, hand-painted bark details.  The set utilizes American Gas Log’s single sand pan burner, and includes glowing embers and decorative rock.  (Shown with optional pine cone accessory)


$840.00 $395.00

The AMERICAN CHESTNUT log set is the perfect combination of large, medium and small sized logs with traditional bark and split details. It’s warmth and traditional charm is enhanced by the front ember bed. This log set features our efficient, triple burner for a brilliant flame.

$1,599.00 $1,349.00
30", Stainless Steel, Bull

The 30" Bull Bison drop-in charcoal grill has been re-engineered for greater performance. It has a new vent system and gasket feature that allows for greater temperature control to regulate the oxygen flow into the firebox. This allows you to cook slow and low for BBQ, or get a sear on steaks and chops.

$2,059.00 $1,699.00

The Bull Bison Charcoal Grill on a cart has been re-engineered for greater performance. A new vent system and gasket allows for greater temperature control. Oxygen flow is more easily regulated into the firebox. The Bull Bison can be regulated to cook low and slow for barbeque, or get a sear on your steaks and chops.


Kozy Glow Soft Inverted Gaslight Mantles. Two (2) mantles with #2 ring size per package. Kozy Glow Mantles are treated for longer life and bright lite. They are made of synthetic thread for greater shock tolerance.


$1,106.00 $743.00
2, 23", Cast Aluminum , PGS/AEI Corp

The PGS A30 natural gas grill features a thick cast aluminum housing and an aluminum in-ground post for years of cooking dependability. It is powered by a 30,000 BTU stainless steel dual-control burner. The stainless steel cooking grids provide 330 square inches on the main cooking area. The A30 gas grill also includes one stainless steel side shelf. Installation is available.

$339.00 $299.00
Outdoor Kitchen Appliances, Lion Premium, 304, Stainless Steel, Lion Premium

The Lion refrigerator has 4.5 cu. ft. of space and a durable stainless door. Shelves, and storage in the door keep cold items close at hand. A crisper drawer keeps vegetables fresh.

$99.00 $69.00
Stainless Steel, Lion Premium
The Lion stainless steel refrigerator frame gives a cleaner, finished look to your outdoor kitchen.

$1,799.00 $1,499.00
Bull, 24", 3, Griddle, Not available, No lights, 304, No, Bull, Built-In, Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel Tubular Burner

The Commercial Style Griddle is the newest addition to Bull's line of outdoor kitchen components. It is constructed of 304 grade stainless steel and uses three 304 stainless steel burners to produce 45,000 BTU’s of power under a chromium-plated griddle. Its durable construction is made to withstand outdoor applications. The griddle expands the variety of foods that can be prepared in your outdoor kitchen. The unit is 24” wide so it will fit in most outdoor kitchens and is available in both LP and NG versions.

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Pecan wood is a very popular wood and is very similar to oak, but not as strong. Pecan burns hot and has a sweet nutty flavor with medium smoke. It mixes well with oak or hickory. It is especially flavorful if mixed with wild black cherry. Pecan is great with all meats - poultry, beef, pork, wild game, cheese and ribs. It adds a golden brown color to turkey, chicken or any poultry.

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Hickory is best for larger cuts of beef and pork. It is a very hard, dense wood. Hickory has a pungent, smoky, flavor and makes great smoke rings in larger cuts of meat. It works well on all kinds of meat. Hickory is great with game and poultry, but use sparingly. It burns hot and long and makes great coals. Hickory blends well with other nutty or fruity woods.