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Is It Done Yet? Grilling Food Safely

Sunday, May 29, 2016
by James Savage

With summer upon us we will be doing more outdoor grilling. 

Here is a link to the USDA site IsITDoneYet.gov brochure

Which will provide you with information regarding the proper temperatures for cooking proteins.


Sunday, August 17, 2014
by James Savage

Grill Buying Tips.

Copied from Volume 5,Issue 12, Aug, 17, 2014 Community Impact - CY-Fair Edition

Bob Fulton, owner of Gas Grill Warehouse on FM 1960, near Willowbrook Mall, has some advice on things to consider when shopping for a grill.

Impact - What Features should a customer look for when grill shopping?

Bob Fulton - That depends on what they're going to be doing with the grill.  There are a lot of different grills with different capabilities; basic grills, rear burner for rotisserie cooking, infrared searing burners with slightly higher temperatures.  If you're purchasing an infrared burner, it’s only good for searing. It will not cook a thick slab of meat thoroughly and the temperature control is not going to be broad.  Your better quality grills will have better temperature control and be a lot more durable.  If your budget is lower, you’re better off buying the least expensive thing that will accomplish what you want to do. 

Impact - What are some things to keep in mind when shopping for a less expensive grill?

Bob Fulton - Durability is going to be a major factor.  A lot of steel grills are being mass marketed, and they will work fine to a point.  The other issue is the availability of parts for grills that are not in production long.  With Houston's humid climate and the amount of times people cook, the grill will wear out faster.  I see it every day. A low-cost product is put in an outdoor kitchen, the company changes the design , the bottom is made out of steel and rusts out, and you can't get the parts to fix it. 

Impact - When would you recommend investing in a higher quality grill?

Bob Fulton - Quality is extremely important when going an outdoor kitchen.  I would not skimp on the cost.  Bring a magnet when you shop.  The most important place to use it is the place you think of least.  Take the grids and plates out  and put the magnet on the bottom of the grill bowl.  Make sure the magnet doesn't stick to it. If it does, do not buy the grill because it will fail with the heat from the burner and humidity.