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How to Deep-Fry a Turkey

Monday, March 9, 2020
by James Savage

How to Deep-Fry a Turkey





Three (3) minutes a pound is all it takes at 375 º.  If this is the first time using your Turkey Kit, take the bird to be cooked and place it in the pot.  Fill the pot with water until you have the turkey covered by 1 inch of water.  Remove the turkey and make a mark on the outside of the pot at the water line.  This will be your fill line for you oil.  Dispose of the water and completely dry the pot and bird.


Fill the pot with peanut oil to your mark and bring the oil up to 375º using your thermometer.  Take your thawed and seasoned turkey and securely place it on the upright wire stand.  Take the hanger section and slip the hook through the eye of the upright stand.  Slowly lower your turkey into the pot of oil.  Monitor the oil temperature to be sure you stay at 375 º.  Set you timer for the correct time and get ready for some of the best turkey you have ever tasted. 


A 14 lb. Bird should cook in about 45 minutes.  Insert a meat thermometer to be sure the turkey is cooked to at least 165 º.


Use caution when cooking with hot oil.  It can cause severe burns and catch fire.  Always have a fire extinguisher on hand and take precautions.  Be safe and always cook your turkey outside.


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